Please solve it to helpp

Please solve it to helpp 10 What was to Joe a' C. State the kinds of sentences and encircle 'he punctuation 1. Rahul had r a sco 2. Hem a s peaks t h a n 3. Have her friends not dcme their work? 4. Wow' What an interesting match it was' S, How can vou go without permission? 6. The medicine was not expensive. 7. She is never late. 8. Prepare for your test. 9. Did my friends appreciate me a lot? 10. Obey your elders. 11. Don't cheat anyone. 12. We should respect our teachers. D. Write whether these sentences are commands, advice or requests. Stop the music at once. please help me, find my book. 2. . Be neither a borrower nor a lender. 4. Come here. You should visit a doctor immediately.

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