Please solve my exercise

Please solve my exercise and write ar least two different meanings of the words given below arid make done for VOO- bank (a) an otqgnization that provides various financial services The so rs loote t bank, of river/canaf the side of a river Moe Est met at the river bank. tear wind

Der student,

2. tear
a. to pull apart to pieces: Sharp teeth of the lion tear the deer's meat.
b. drops of salty liquid that come out of the eyes when one cries: Big tear drops fell down her face.
3. wind
a. perceptible natural movement of the air: The cool wind brushed against my skin.
b. power of breathing as needed in physical exercise: Resting helped me get my wind back after rigorous exercise.
4. refuse
a. indicate that one is unwilling to do something: I refuse to listen to bullies.
b. food waste or garbage: The residents were urged to segregate and throw domestic refuse into different bins.
5. bow
a. a weapon for shooting arrows: The hunter used his bow and arrow to kill the dreaded man-eater.
b. a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends: The bow on the baby's dress was pretty.


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