Please solve parts 3 and 4 and thank you

Please solve parts 3 and 4 and thank you C. Specity in which of the previous cases the lens is used to read the smail letters of a text, Second Exercise: Hydraulic Pr The two points of a hydraul- press have cross-sectional areas: Sl 10 crnj and S2 = 2000 cm3 respectively. A solid or mass MI = 0.5, g is placed on the Small piston. 1- Determine the force (Fl)hpplied on the small piston? g = ION/Kg. 2- Determine the pressure due to the force Fl xerted at S l? 3- Deduce the variation the pressure of th water that is in contact with the large piston. 4- What mass M2 shou we place on the I {ge piston to keyp the pistons in equilibrium? MI-o

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