Please solve passage questions

Please solve passage questions B Writing and Grar—• compulsory. All the a 20 Marks 30 Marks 30 A 'l questions of a partiNiar be attempted in the order. SECTION(AI-READING Reul 'MSSage o a really tike? It spring. vast herds. numbering two the lifc f rm.ved from Texas to up North so they could be three heads. had to be "pped Other parts of the country, And that ski", organizaticm hard work A trail boss led of cowboys. a and a "rangie It was the manglers lob to take care ofthe There were sew-I or eight horse.: for each There to be fresh horses ride, plus horses in case nf accidentsCThe drove chuck wawn and was in of supplies At cimes he also barer, a dentist, and even QW ate breakfast before the sun was Then the men brake camp and got the cattle g line mile or two long They covered *Out ten miles each day A sat saddle all day long of the had "-outed out earlier, one that At sundown, the outfit made camp at a spot that the trail bo wasn't. Each plenty Of Water and grass grazing. The day done. but the s the guards rn was near. At dawn. the routine siecpLng whistling Singing to let 'hem know that a friend J/ Lite on the Was dangerous The cowboys "d to he on constant watch for lightning. away cattie. was risky Fast-flowing water Often des and attacks Even crussing rivers 'd see the npiM_site bank of the river They The Sun in their eyes either it might take many tries get a across, Cowboys . d that thebest ri sing was the one that was over the above pasaöd answerthe follmving questions. Oescribe how cowboys- life was hard. "esides 00kinßPhat other chores did the cook undertake? What kept the busy at night? Crossing rivers risky What pitfalls did e cowboys encounter on the trait? The prerequisite selling up camp to be the best river crossing? What was consid What a typi day like in the life of a cowboy? SSage: cwilization is that it does not know what to do with its knowledge. Science the Gods,yet we usethem like small children, For example. we do not Vlachines were made to be man's senants. Yet man has grown so how to manage our •ndent on them that they are fair way to become his masters Already most men spend most upon machines And the machines are very stern masters. They lives looking aner and Wa he kept at the right temF•a "nd if they do not get their meals when they expect them, they with rage and blow up, spreading rain and destruction all

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