Please solve q.9

Please solve q.9 o ing 'ing the Jain its wall 4) 9. The diagram below shows two test-tubes A and Test-tube A contains a green water plant. B contains both a green water plant and a snail, lest-tubes are kept in sunlight, Answer the question 1 that follow : Bubbles of oxygen 00 0 Green water plant Snail (a) Name the physiological process that releases the bubbles of oxygen. (b) Explain the physiological process as mentioned above in Q.2(a) (i). (c) What is the purpose of keeping a snail in test-tube (d) Why does test-tube 'B' have more bubbles of oxygen (e) Give an example ofa water plant that can be used in the above experiment. (f) Write the overall chemical equation for the above Can we say "Chloroplasts are the kitchen of a cell!"? NO! Not at CLOSE a 6:42 PM 1.1 fort syl

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