Please solve Q35.

Please solve Q35. 2.72 CHANGE IN PROFJT SHARING RATIO AMONG THE Prepare Revaluation Account, partner's Capital Accounts and tir reconstituted firm. (Ans. Profit on Revaluation 06.000; Balance of Capital Accoums B and C Balance Sheet Total Hin' : A B Sxntices C gains —th •ture Q AS. T. U aml V were partrrrs in a firm sharing EYOfits in 4 : : l. On 14-2016 their Balance Sheet was as follows : BALANCE SHEET OF S T. V AND V Suüy Workmen CornJgnsation Reserve as al 1-4-2016 Fixed Assets Current Assets 60.000' From the date partners deci'kd to share the future profits irv3 : I 2 • 4 «i0 For this purv»sc the gocdwill of the firm was valued at 00.000, The weed for the following : (i) claim for workmen cornt*nsation has estimated at (ii) To adjust the capitals of the partners Ecording to new profit sharing ratio partners current accoums Prepare Revalution Account. Partners • Capital Accounts Balance the reconstituted firm. (C.B.S.E 2017, [Ans. Loss on Revaluation e 10,000; capital A,'cs : S T U 08.000: V 196.000; Current : S (Cr.) ?58.000; r (Cr.) 0.16.000; v (Dr.) WS Toul Q. 36. p. Q and R were partners sharing profits in ratio of I : 3 : 2. Following was their Balance Sheet as at 31st March. 2018

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