Please solve QC1-4 without using but or so and

Please solve QC1-4 without using but or so and '*ho was that man?" " •Ihat was the doctor. she replied. Witcveupon the boy excl.t:rted , When I grow up. I'm (8) _ bi Vill in the blanks Witb appropriate words. the wishes of his father . (i) He did not comply called the Minister yesterday the examination. 'iii) He will certainly get (go) to a doctor." during 'he rssion of tix It come She her propertyoo fall bacb. in her Old age. (vii) Recently there has small reduction in the price petrol . (viii) He made ambitious p'ans, but all of them fell c) Join the following pair of sentences to make one complete sentence without using and r ,but or so. (i) He may go anywhere. i will find him. (ii) Flow shall we get the money? I do not know.. (iii) Clear the written test. Only then you wi'l be called for an interview We will enjoy the sto Our teacher told us the story d) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes as necessa ry, but do not change the meaning of each sentence. (i) I shall go to the market if you come. you come. ) (End (ii) She hid herself so that she might not be seen.

Dear Student,
  1. He may go anywhere however I will find him.
  2. I do not know how shall we get the money.
  3. You will be called for an interview only if you clear the written test.
  4. We will enjoy the story our teacher told us.


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