Please solve question 16

Please solve question 16 16. 17. (4) t, t? or > t2 depending on whether the lift iS going up or down (Bihar. Stage-I, A body is dropped from a 100 m high cliff and the same time another body is thrown from tho ground with 25 mis velocity in upward direction Where the two will meet? [Take g 10 (1) 50m (2) 40 m (3) 20m (4) 10m (Jharkhand. Stage-I. 2014-15) A balloon which is ascending at the rato ot 12 m/s is 30.4 metre above the ground. when a stone is dropped. After what time the stone reach the ground? [Take g 9.8 rn/s*l (1) 3s (2) 36 s (4) 6s 22.

Dear student

Let the particles meet at time t and at height h.


Correct option is (3).


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