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Please solve question4 EXERCISE 7.1 Draw the following pairs of triangles and test for congruency: S ABC and DEF and KLM 4.5 Cm ZC = ZM 650 (v) and DEF 900, BC- EF = 7 cm AB DE = 5.2 cm and xyz = 900, = and BC = ZZ = 600 and XZ=O (it,) ABC and PQR ZA 900. ZC 70' and BC=; 700, ZR 20' and A ABC and A XYZ In an isosceles triangle if LA = 1000 and AB = AC, find LB and EC. In an isosceleg triangle if the vertex angle is twice the sum of the base angles, calculate the the triangle. 4. prove that the medians On equal sides of an isosceles triangle are equal. "One base angle of an isosceles triangle is of measure 40', Find the measure of the verti In ABC. AB- AC (Fig. 7.53). If ZACD = 1100, find the value Of EA. 7 In A ABC, AD is the perpendicular bisector of BC. Prove that AB AC (i.e., ABC is isosceles). [Hint: Use SAS Congruence Criterion in As ABD and ACD.I Note: In this case, the condusion holds if the median AD is perpendicular to the base BC Fig. Two lines AB and CD intersect at O such that BC is equal and parallel to AD. prove that AB and CD bisect at O, In a triangle ABC. it is given that AB = AC and the bisectors Of dB and EC intersect at is a pornt on BO produced. prove that ZMOC = ZABC. In Fig 7.55, the sides AC and BC Of a ABC are produced such that AC CQ and BC cp. Prove that PQIIAB and PQ AB. (Hint: Prove that QPC.I Fig. 7.55 In Fig. 7.56, two lines I and m are parallel and M is the mid•point Of the segment AB. where A is on I and B is on m. Prove that any line segment through M with end points on these parallel lines is bisected at M. IHint: Draw any line CD through M with C on / and Don m. Prove that ACM A BDM.I Fig. 7.56

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