Please solve table 1.1 in chapter 1 in economics.

1. Rural women from a land owning family will probably have goals that they get proper yield from whatever has been sowed in their farms. Also, if the family is not giving her importance for decisions regarding their land, she would want that her views are also considered.

2.Urban unemployed youth 's most important goal will be to get employed and get good salary which will keep him and his family happy.

3. a boy from a rich urban family would have a goal to carry on his family business very well in future. Also, if he is small, he would want his parents to satisfy his each and every need. He would want to get educated abroad.

4.Adivasi from narmada valley would have a goal of being able to keep her/his family happy. They would want their area to be well- developed in case of schools,water supply, electricity. etc. They would also aspire to be treated with dignity.

I would consider 2 more goals of a child labour and a girl prostitute.

A child labour would want to get educated and play around with his friends instead of working hard. He/She would want to escape from his work.He/She would seek justice n equality.

A prostitue would want to be treated with respect. She would want justice. she would want to get educated and become independent. She would pray for her family 's well-being

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iska answer khudh likho baccho or mujhe activity 1ka answer batao padaai kro
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what about the Farmer who depends only on rain for irrigation/ or growing crop ?
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Farmers who depend only on rain for growing crops- they should try and implement irrigation systems.
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what about a middle class boy and a middle class girl.please answer
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it would be better if you do it yourself
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Farmer who depends only on rain for growing crops wants better irrigation facilities , rural women from land owner family wants equality, dignity and freedom of expression ,urban unemployed youth wants skilled education and job ,A boy from rich family wants better education facilities in abroad and adivasi from Narmada Valley wantsload displacement job security assistance by government
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Denvelopment Goals Of Different Categories Of Persons (Grade 10) Economics Chapter-1 Development Table 1.1

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farmers who depend only on rain for growing crops A) he wants more income by growing crops and wants rain to grow crops A rural woman from a land owning family A) she wants to inherit a=land allocation and build a permenent structure on the land Urban unemployed youth A) he wants to get a job and good income A boy from a rich urban family A) he wants to get higher education and want to start a business An adivasi from mining fields A) he wants save forests from mining Person from fishing community in the coastal area A) he wants more fishes have to capture in the net and wants more income
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