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102.  ​Each side of a square ABCD is 12 cm. A point P lies on side DC such that area of  ADP : area of trapezium ABCP = 2 : 3. Find DP.

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AB=BC=CD=DA=12 cm       Since all sides of squares are equalLet DP= x cm.CP=CD-DP=12-x cmArea of ADP=12×Base×Height=12×DP×DA=12× x × 12=6x cm2.Area of trapezium ABCP=12×Sum of parallel sides×Height=12×AB+CP×BC=12×12+12-x × 12=6 24-x cm2A.T.QArea of ADPArea of trapezium ABCP=236x6 24-x=23x24-x=233x= 48 - 2x5x =48x=485=9.6 cmDP=9.6 cm     ANS...
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