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please solve these active passive ASSIGNMENT Te the fallowing according the instructions given ufter eagh.oJ them: Why did he deprive you of your property? Begin: Why were you . No one ought ever to make so false an assumption. End: ought never to be made. 8. It is usually found that the trouble is caused by overeatind. finds that overeating „ nu•ee men are loadint', the cart. Begin The. cart He was known to be a kind 'llun. Lo be kind man. hid: . Alas! We shall his voice no more. Begi": Alas! His voice We must listen to his musw. Begin : His music There is reason to believe that they have saved the crew. Regin It is . He will he elected Secrelary by the gwup. Be*in: group 10. Short dresses are now bcinb warn Again. ; Ladies are

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