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3.  We all drink coffee (a) _______ pleasure. It is an inspirational drink that has become aspirational. Coffee
(b) _______ keep us alert and therefore helps us to perform better (c) _______ reduce stress.

a)      i) for                        ii) of                          iii)  but                          iv) at
b)     i)  could                    ii) should                   iii)  can                          iv)  may
c)     i)  but                       ii) and                        iii)  if                             iv) so

4.  Karthik has penned (a) ________ book titled 'The Ashes of the Prey' a thriller novel (b)  ________ a lawyer (c)   _________ runs into piles of trouble after an accident.

a)          i)  a                                      ii) an                                      iii) is                                     iv) are
b)          i)  an                                    ii) about                                 iii) of                                    iv) at
c)          i)  is                                     ii) which                                 iii) where                              iv) who


Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your question.

Q3. (a) for   (b) can  (c) and

Q4. (a) a      (b) about  (c) who

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Ans. 3) (a) i. for
             (b) iii. Can
              (c)ii. And
Ans.4) (a) i. A
           (b)ii. about
         (c)  iv. who
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