Please solve this Bharat ko Jano

Please solve this Bharat ko Jano 43. 44. 44. 45. 45. 46. 46. 47. 47. 48. 48. 49. 19. In which state of Bharat the Triymbkeshwar, Pandharpur & Lonawala Situated ? Which river divides aravali range in two parts from center ? Which is the First Metro Railway of Bharat? State folk song ofRajasthan is? Which place is Known as Cherapunji of Rajasthan ? -$1 #5-g-ä ? Which place is known as Khajuraho of Rajasthan? At which place in Rajasthan Ill Trees are planted on the birth of girl child? which fort of rajasthan has second largest wall of the world after the great wallofchina ?

Idont know
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