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Please solve this fast On Jan. 5th : To Navin & Co. (C 1,470 in Bank Column and 00 in Discount Column). 8. Enter the following transactions in a Ihree Column Cash Book 201 March I ' Commenced business with I of which C20,000 were borrowed from Mr. Ratan. 2 Opened current account with Punjab National Bank 4 Bought goods by cheque 5 Purchased a typewriter for spent on its repairs 8 Paid petty cash expenses 10 Transferred from Current Account to Fixed tkposit Account in the Bank 12 Sold goods for Cash C25,OOOarxiQrqtE e 15,000 13 Deposited the above cheqtr into bank 15 Purchased goods from Ram Singh on Credit 18 Settled Ram Singh's Account by 20. Sent a cheque in payment of ur fres of Proprietor's son 25 Cash sales, received a ctrqtr 28 ; Deposited the above into collection 31 the loan taken from Mr. Ratan imerest 18%pa 60,000 2 5,000 25.000 24,19

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