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 In the books of Lemon Tree Ltd.
Date Particulars L.F. Debit
  Land A/c Dr.   20,00,000  
    To JSS Ltd.  A/c       20,00,000
  (Land purchased from JSS Ltd.)        
(i) JSS Ltd. A/c Dr.   10,00,000  
      To Bank       10,00,000
  (Being partially payment made.)        
(ii) JSS Ltd.  A/c  Dr.   500,000  
      To Bills Payable A/c       5,00,000
  (Being bills of exchange issued.)        
(iii) JSS Ltd A/c  Dr.   5,00,000  
  Loss on Issue of Debentures A/c Dr.   50,000  
    To 9% Debentures A/c       5,00,000
    To Premium on Redemption of Debentures A/c       50,000
  (JSS Ltd. Issued 9% Debentures of Rs 100 each at a premium of 10%)        

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