please solve this first question of gay-lussac based problem

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Gay Lussac's law called the Law of combining volumes and it states that, The ratio between the volumes of the reactant gases and the products can be expressed in simple whole numbers.

If we write balance chemical  equation for reaction of H2 with Cl2. We find that 1 mol of H2 reacts with 1 mol of Cl2​ to give 2 moles of HCl. 
 H 2  (g)       +      Cl 2  (g)    ------->      2HCl (aq)
That is 1 volume of  H2 reacts with 1 volume of Clto give 2 volume of HCl.
5.6  L of Cl2 will combine with 5.6 L of H2 and hence 11.2 L of HCl is formed.
Hydrogen will be present in excess, so residual hydrogen will be =6-5.6=0.4 L
Volume of H2 left = 0.4L

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