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please solve this Q.181nthereaction:A + B —s D the initial concentration of A is double Cbe initial concentration 01B. At equilibrium, the concentration ofB was found to be one (bird of the concentraEi0n of C. The value of constant is — (a) 1.8 (b) 1.008 (c) 0.0028 (d) 0.08 Q. 19 The value of Kc fi:yr the reaction : A1 3B 2Cat4000C iso.5. (a) 1.64 x 104 (c) 1.64 1 (d) 1.64 x JO-3 Q." Two moles of ammonia was intrcxluced in an evacuated vessel of I litre capacity. At high temperature, thc gas undergoes partial dissociation to the equation 2NH3(g) 3H2(g) At Nuilibrium the concentration ofammonia was found to mole. Whal value of 'K' ? (a) 3/4-0.75 m012L-2 (b) 3/2- 1.5 (c) 27/16- 1.7 m012L-2 (d) 27/64 *0.42 m012L-2 Q,21 In a 2 litre flask, the reaction takes place as : COCh(g) The equilibrium conc. ofC,OC12 was found to be 0.4. If excess of COC12 added to the system, the equilibrium resta'bilizes and ECOC121 becomes 1.6. What is the equilibrium conc. oflCOJ (a) Half of the former value (b) Thrice of the former value (c) Remains unaltered (d) TwiC*: of the Ibrmer value DIRECTIONS (Q.22-Q.24) : In the following questions, —e onc of the answers given arc correct. Select the c«rect answers and mark it according to the following Q.22 Ifmo gases ABZ and B2C are mixed, the following equilibria ere readily established BC(g) + B2C(g) B3C2(g) For the reaction, ifAB2 is mix«l with B,2C nlly in the starting then which ofthe R'llowing is necessarily true at equilibrium? 0.23 Solid ammonium carbamate, N114C02N112(s), dissociates into ammonia and carbon dioxide when it evaporates as shown by At the tot*l pressure Of the gases in equihbrium With the solid is atm. 110. Of C02 is introduced after then • (l) final pressure ofC02 will atm (2) final pressureofC02 will morethan I atm (3) pressure ofNH3 will increase due to addition ofC02 (4) pressure of NH3 will decrease due to addition ofCO,2 0.24 2CaO(s) + O Above equilibrium is by taking sufficient amount a closed ccmtainer at 1600 K. Then which of the following may be correct option (Assume that solid CaS04 is presenL in the container in each case) c.des: l, 2 and 3 are correct (e) 2 and 4 ure (1) (3) (4) (b) I and 2 are correct (d) and 3 are correct Moles Of CaO($) will increase With the increase in temper arurc Iftwo moles ofthe He gas is added at constant pressure then the moles o FCaO(s) will increase. Ifthe volume ofthe umtainer is partial prosurc of02(g) at new equilibrium will remain same Ifthe volurne ofthe container is doubled at equilibrium then partial pnwsurc of S02(g) will change at equiliEriurn.

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