Please solve this question. Please

Please solve this question. Please Exercise 1. F}// the O,'anks with appropriate prepositions: . the rules of Our library. i. This iS contrary . . him for financial help. 2. You cannot count . 3. If you have not read science at the two stage, you are not . the customs Of a country, you don't feet 5. A courageous person never despairs . achieving success. 6. This old gentleman always reminds me my grandfather. 7. We should take prjde . . the rich CU'tUre of our country. 8, When he missed the top position by just two marks, he was overcome Exercise 2. Fi// in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: 1. The new policy is not favourable ......t•srnall buSihessmen. 2. Sulphur dioxide is composed . Sulphur and Oxygen. 3. Our annual examination is commencing . . 1st March. others' affairs, you will get into trouble. you meddle 5. sleep makes their HSind dull. ....„.... an encyclopedia to learn about ancient civilisations. 6. I had to refer

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to the first part of the question. Kindly post the other question in a new thread.
  1. to
  2. on
  3. for
  4. about
  5. of
  6. of
  7. in
  8. with
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