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Please solve this... 58. Burman and Ghoshal are partners in a firm and share profits and Balance Sheet of the firm as on March 31. 2013 was as follows: rat10. Bills payable Creditors General Reserve profit and LOSS Account Cap Burman 25.000 70.000 40.000 20,000 1.80,ooo 99,000 6.80 ,ooo Advertisement Expenditure Stock Debtors Furniture Machinery Building 80Bi0 On April l, 2013, Burman retired from the firm and partners decided (i) Advertisement expenditure to bc written off by 25%. (ii) Stock to be value highcr by 5.000. (iii) Furniture and machinery to be depreciated by and respecuyel•. (iv) Building to bc appreciated by 20%. (v) A Claim for damagcs against the firm 4,000 to be admitted. (vi) Goodwill to bc valued at 73,000, (vii) Basu and Ghoshal to pay due amount ro Burr-nan on April l. 2013 balance to bc treated as loan: Basu and Ghoshal to bring cash in such a their capital in their profit sharing ratio in future profits. Prepare Acxount. Partncrs• Capital Accounts and Balance of reconstituted firm. Ans. Profit on revaluation Amount paid to Burman 1.18.000. k" l, 18.000. Balance Shcct •16tal Cash brought by Ghoshal 20,000 at' withdrawn by Basu 20.000, Capital: Bosc 2,36.000. Ghoshal 59. Malini, Nalini and Shaiini are partners in firm sharing profits and II : o, Balance Sheet of tbc firm as oti March 31, 2013 was follows:

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