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Please solve this 10 (Fill in the blanks with correct degree of comparison) (VI) DIRECT AND INDIRECT directed : The Principal said to us, "May you all succeed." He said, "Ah me! what a mistake it was!" d to him, "Let us have some music". g) He proposed to me that we should go out for a walk. (Change into indirect speech) (Change into indirect speech) (Change into indirect speech) (Change into direct srech, j •What? Has he failed?" said Jatin. "Yes, bad luck", replied Sameer. "Whoever dreamed of it!" i) He said to me, "Why are you silent? Speak out." (Change into indirect (Change into indirect She wrote, "I feel like a song bird whose wings have been torn off." (Change into indirect B He would go straight up and ask him if he really knew what he was talking about. (Change into direct 'Did You visit the tower when you were in Paris last year?" I asked my friend. (Change into indirect speech

Dear Student,

1. The Principal wished that we all might succeed.
2. He exclaimed sorrowfully that it was him and it was a grave mistake.
3.I suggested to him that we should have some music.
4. He said to me, "Let us go out for a walk."
5. Jatin exclaimed in surprise and asked whether he had failed. Sameer affirmed the news and sad that it was bad luck and none dreamed of it.
6. He asked me why I was silent and he advised me to speak out.
7. She wrote that she felt like a song bird whose wings had been torn off.
8. He would go straight up and ask him, "Did you really know what you were talking about?"
9. I asked my friend whether he/she visited the tower when he/she was in Paris last year.


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