Please solve this

Please solve this EXERCISE IN COMPOSITION 24 where necessary : 18, of h been 1 9 Set tack 100 20 22 23. 24, 25. 26. 27. 32 33 , How blue Who wishes 10 take Wim me? mat The muscian was oZ MuSS&iman. was by bridge. not nse len Like nie spcmsmen they would eve never taa die in great cause is nothing es of no avail agans' tfu.vWersXvm nave Since man Man no Say

Dear Student,
Here's your answer - 

1. No article required
2. Her knowledge of medicine had been acquired under an aged Jewess.
3. The sun rises in the east. 
4. The brave soldier lost an arm in the battle. 
5. The doctor says it is a hopeless case.
6. I like to live in the open air.
7. Get a pound of sugar from the nearest grocer.
8. Set back the clock; it is an hour too fast.
9. The poor woman has not a rupee.
10. No article required
11. The Eskimos make houses of snow and ice.
12. Where did you buy the umbrella?
13. Have you ever seen an elephant?
14. Draw the map of India.
15. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.
16. Have you told him about the accident?
17. Tagore was a great poet.

Due to paucity of time, it's not possible to answer these many questions all at once. Please ask the rest of the questions in a different thread.


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