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Please solve this A. MULTIPLE CHOICE TYPE ( Select the most appropriate option in each case) J. A plant hormone related with inhibition Of (b) ABA (d) GA Z ApuaJ dominance phenomenon is caused by (d) ABA Which of the following hormones regulate away frq•vn 'ho • means nvwng toward' • s towarr% tmxh-stirr•.uius • he of piant parts in response to water or rro•ture • Of a Review Questions 6. Co 4. Auxin' (a) bas (a) Ste

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1. Both auxin and gibberellins inhibit the senescence in different parts of the plant. But, the major role to delay the senescence process is done by the plant hormone cytokinin.
2. a
3. c


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Abscisis acid
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Abscisic acid.
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