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Please solve Date: 21 August 2017 Day: Mondav- Homework —English Notebook Submission.5- Name: Class• VI Sec: M.M- 10 Read the following telephone conversation which took place between Riya and Ashu. As Ashish is not at home and Riva has go for shopping. she writes a message for Ashish. Based on the conversation, write the message from Riya to Ashish in not more than 50 words and put it in a box. Ash". Hello' Is it 9365011284? Yes Mav know your good name please? Ashu: Yes, I'm Ashu, a classmate of Ashish. Hello' Ashu I'm Riya. Ashish's eider sister,and I'm afraid Ashish Isn't at home. He has gone to meet h's Would vou mind giving a message to him? Actually.' wanted to request him to return my Science Report. which he had borrowed last Tuesday I have to show to the science teacher tomorrow, Oh lure' Anythvng else? No 'hanks 0k Bye' Thankyou and bye. 2. Rearrange the words to form a meaningful sentetEe : from/God,' a/ptecöus/lite/is/to/giftjus

Sorry friend, I cannot give you the answer since it is a homework.
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