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Effects of waste -

  • 1.Nature 's price- the effect of chemicals and hazardous waste on soil and water conditions.
  • 2.Animals- effect of chemicals on wildlife and food cycles.
  • 3.Heath- waste accumulation breeds bacteria and is a good breeding area for vectors e.g. mosquitoes.
  • 4.Eye sore to man - the destruction of the beauty and tranquility of the earth
  • 5.Economy- the long term effects of waste on the environment are hard to see so it is much easier to ignore our waste now and leave the future generation to literally pay the price

Waste includes all items that people no longer have any use for, which they either intend to get rid of or have already discarded. Additionally, wastes are such items that people are required to discard, for example by lay because of their hazardous properties. 
And such current situation of waste can be handled by adopting various measues such as segregation of different waste types(biodegradable and non-biodegradable), by recycling and reusing, most importantly not throwing unnecessary waste on roads or in front of our own house.


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