Please tell common and proper noun

Please tell common and proper noun 2. Circle the common nouns and underline the proper nouns in these sentences. a) Mary and / Went to the theatre. b) Tom often dri nks c offee Wi thout sugar. c) China is a very big country. d) David is a dentist. He was born in London. e) James adopted a c ute p uppy. He named it Rover. f) g) h) The Nile is the longest river in the world. It flows through Egypt. Peter can speak many languages. He is especially fluent in English and French. Helen is going to Dubai in summer. She has many friends and cousins there.

Dear Student,
Here's your answer - 

a) Mary - proper noun
    theatre - common noun
b) Tom - proper noun
    coffee, sugar - common noun
c) China - proper noun
    country - common noun
d) David, London - proper nouns
    dentist - common noun
e) James, Rover - proper nouns
    puppy - common noun
f) Nile, Egypt - proper nouns
   river, world - common nouns
g) Peter, English, French - proper nouns
    language - common noun
h) Helen, Dubai - proper nouns
    summer, friend, cousin - common nouns


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