Please tell if this is right or wrong. Letter to Municipal Corporation

Dear Student,
Please make the following changes in your answer. Some portions cannot be understood clearly. 
  • Include date after the sender's address. (Refer to the website to find the format of a formal letter)
  • Write the subject after the salutation.
  • ... issue of stray dogs in our locality.
  • Less number of stray dogs... help to us.
  • These stray dogs are causing much trouble to the people in the community.
  • The stray dogs are found very often on the roads in our area and they make commuting a difficult task.
  • ... positive cases of rabies spreading.... which is very dangerous for us.
  • The authorities must take action to vaccinate these dogs as they pose a threat to the life of the people.
  • .., look ito this matter and take the necessary action.

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