Please tell me about point (e)

Please tell me about point (e) 7.60 Double Entry Book Keeping-—CBSE XII 29. andcwereequal partners. on 31st March, 20i9,their Balance Sheet stood liabilities Creditors Reserve Capital A/cs: 40,000 25,000 15,000 Assets 50,400 cash 12,000 stock Debtors Loan to A Investments 80,000 Furniture Building The firm was dissolved on the above date on the following terms: (a) For the purpose of dissolution, Investments were valued at 18,000 and A took over the at this value. (b) Fixed Assets realised 29,700 Whereas Stock and Debtors realised 80,000. (c) Expenses of realisation amounted to 1,300, JO) Creditors allowed a discount of t 800. (e) One Bill Receivable fore 1,500 under discount was dishonoured as the acceptor had become and was unable to pay anything and hence the bill had to be met by the firm. Prepare Realisation Account. Partners' Capital Accounts and Cash Account showing how the would finally be settled among the partners. [Ans„• Loss on Realisation—t 3,000; Cash paid to A, B and (T—t 25,000; t 28,000; t 78,000 respectiv Total of Cash Account—t Yogesh and Naresh were partners sharing profits equally. They dissolved the firm on 1 st April, 2019. Nar F was assigned the responsibility to realise the assets and pay the liabilities at a remuneration of including expenses. Balance Sheet of the firm as on that date was as follows: abilities ?ditors s Payable eshS Loan 40,000 40, 000 44,000 Assets Cash/Bank Investments Debtors 6.0 40,000

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