Please tell me Q9 in carbon and compounds

Please tell me Q9 in carbon and compounds Ofan elerxiené 'X' is 2, 8, 6. To which group and period of the modern periodic table does belong? State it valency and justify your answer in each case. Q6. figure below shows three cylindrical co p per con d uctors alo ng with their face areas and lengths. Compare the resistance and the resistivity of the three conductors. Justify your answer. Q7. The now of energ' between various components of the environment has been extensively studied. Give an outline of the Q8. (a) How will you show experimentally that metals are good conductors of heat. (b) Describe the extraction of Mercury metal from its ore Cinnabar (HgS). Q9. A compouud reacts with Na metal to form a campound 'B' and evolves a gas which burns with a pop sound. ' -Compotind 'Ä' on tFeatment with an alcohqo presence of an acid forms a Sweet smelling compound 'D'(Cd-lg02). On aff non of NaOH to 'D' gives back B and C. Identify A, B, C and D write the reactions involved. Q10. (a t is meant by the term 'power of accommodation'? Name the component Of eye that is responsible for the power accommodation. (b) A student sitting at the' back bench in reading. What-could-be his defect of vision? Draw diagrams to illustrate the image formation Of the blackboard when he is seated at the seat. State twc c sea possible of this defect. Explain the method of correc rite the names of the following compounds. - -f- - -c-OH defect with the help f ray diagram. Questio H H

The organic compound, A, with the molecular formula C2H4O2 is ethanoic acid (CH3COOH), as it evolves hydrogen with a pop sound on reacting with sodium.

When ethanoic acid reacts with sodium, a compound B called the sodium ethanoate (CH3COONa) is formed.

The alcohol, C, is methanol (CH3OH) which is treated with ethanoic acid in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid to form a compound D.

The sweet-smelling compound D is methyl ethanoate (CH3COOCH3).

The chemical equation for the above stated reaction is as follows:

When ethanoic acid reacts with alcohol in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid, a sweet-smelling cmpound, ester is formed. Methyl ethanoate is a carboxylate ester, which on reaction with sodium hydroxide gives back methanol and Sodium ethanoate.

The chemical equation is as follows:

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