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please tell me got a seat in BSc course. le got a seat though he had less marks. 11though he had less marks, he got a seat in l.Sc course. EXERCISE the conjunctions and Write if they are co—ordinate or subordinate. Roma and Soma are sisters. She did told her to do. He was safe, but his friend Was injured. I was having lunch when she came here. He left the city after the sun had risen. She is beautiful, So everybody likes her. Work hard or you Will not pass. Maria is coming therefore clean the room. You may place this bag where you have found it. She is poor, but she is Wise. .....G.Q.7..Æ.•i.4isaÆiß.... the following pairs of sentences by using the suitable conjunctions. Juhi may be in the house. Juhi may be in the garden. John goes to school. David goes to school. He must do as he is told. He will be punished. I have a cricket bat. I have a set of stumps. Mother is at home. Father is at home.

Dear Student.
  1. Either Juhi may be in the house or in the garden.
  2. John and David go to school.
  3. He must do as he is told or else he will be punished.
  4. I have a cricket bat and a set of stumps.
  5. Mother and Father are at home.
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