Please tell the answer of 17

Please tell the answer of 17 in per second'. 44 km/hr ..40e,kmAvr Svi¯72knvhr y moves the speed of 54 What is the speed of the car in metres per 4..An athlete tuns 200 metres race in 24 seconds. Whal is his speed in km/hr? (runner a distance of 270 metres in 30 seconds, Find his speed in m/s. aeroplane travelled 4320 km in 6 hr. Find its speed in (i) km/hr (ii) rn/s. ' Xlavican åm 100 m in 2 min. Find his speed in km/hr. H Scyciis vels at kmihr. How many minutes docs it take him to cycle I km? distance tktween two cities is 380 km. A train takes 6 hours 40 minutes to cover the the Sik•cd of the train WA cyclist covers 09 km in 3 minutes. Find his speed in km per hour. In an athletic meet. a runner covered 1.5 km in 4 minutes. What was his speed in krnhf-' F Subodh cycles at a speed of 32 km/hr. How long will he take to cycle 152 km? How far will a cartrasel from 10 : 30 a.m. to noon of 70 knv'hr? A motorist travelled a distance of 150 km at a speed of 60 km!hr. He len at 1:30 a.m. and SWF- for 45 mm on (hc way. A1 what time did he reach his destination. J F. Shyam use cars to go to their offices. Shyam Covers a distance of 16 km in 30 while Ankur covers a distame of 12 km in 20 minutes. Which of the two drives faster? A man crosses a bridge m long in 8 minu(es. Find his speed m A man walking al the rate of 4 km/hr crosses bridge in I h minutes. Find the length of the bndé kmg will a take to round a square field of side metres, if he runs at the ' • A to his school from his house speed of 3 krnfhr und tetumsat of 2 5 hours m going and eom•ng. find the distance between his house and Ian travels distances of 2500 kmo t 200 km. and

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