Please tell the answer of question number 9

Please tell the answer of question number 9 is speed car in metres per runs 200 race in seconds What his "Red 'n krn'hr? Find his spccd in V' kw ht. speal (i) k'rv•hr (ii' in E.nd his in krn.•lw. , many mingles it take him to cycle km? cities is 3SO km_ A train takes 6 hours 40 minutes to cover the MA 0 km in minutcs_ Find his speed in km per hour. IV In a S in minutes, Whu was his speed In a of 32 krnrr How uill be take to cycle 52 km? 30 a of a: of 60 He len a.m. and A1 did Shyam uhLIc AnÅur cmers z dotanee or 12 km 20 minute, Which of 'he drives faster? a bridge m minules_ Éind bis m knvtir a • A nun in minutes. Findthc length of the —flow to a field metres, ir he runs at • A to from h! house and at an lind the between his USE

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