Please tell the answer of13

Please tell the answer of13 runner a 270 in An aeroplane 6 find can 100m 'n 2 Find speed kn-vhr "A -eyehsvåravels at km,hr. How many take him distance between two is krvv A tram takes hours _ end the sm•ed of the tram. covers O O km In 3 minutes Find his speed in km per In an athletic meet. a runner covered 1 S km 4 minutes. What SY Sutx•dh cycles at a speed of 32 kmmr. long he take to cycle 1.7. How far gill a car travel from 10 : a.m. to noon at a speed of 70 A motorist travelled a distance of 150 krn at a speed of 60 kmhr. He y, for 45 nun on the way. At what time did he reach his destination. • I S. Shyam and Ankur both use cars to go to their offices, Shyam covers a while Ankur covers a distance of 12 km in 20 minutes. Which of the A man crosses a bridge 800 m long in 8 minutes. Find his speed in A man walking at the rate of A kmjhr crosses a bridge In IS minutes kmg will a boy take to run round a square field of Sidc 3.s metres. 9 krmhH? A boy goes to his school from his house at a speed of krwhl and going and coming, find the distance betueen

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