Please tell the answers of 2 3 and 5

Please tell the answers of 2 3 and 5 Exercise 8 (A) _ Z 50 v) 0.26 48 kg 300m: I km I hour : 20 minutes 'i) 20 mL' I litre ) 7 3 days I year 5 SO A man earns 7500 a year and spends 6300 a year. Find the ratio of (i) his income to his expenditure. (ii) his saving to his income. A bag contains 5 kg office. 1 500 g have been taken out for cooking. What is the ratio of the amoull taen¯öut to the amount left in the bag? An alloy consists of 3— g of copper and 2— g Of tin. Find the ratio of to that Of On in . 4 alloy in the simplest form. In a book shop, — of the people are males. Write the ratio of males and females in the shop. 12 Mu*bp/e Choice Questions (MCQsj The ratio of 9 days to 3 weeks is In the word 'MATHEMATICS', the ratio of the number of consonants to the number of vowels The length ofa rectangular frame is — m and the width is — m. What is the ratio of the width

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We have,Man's income=Rs 7500Man's expenditure=Rs 6300Man's Saving=Man's income-Man's expenditure=Rs 7500-Rs 6300=Rs 1200(i) Ratio of income to expenditure=75006300=7563=2521=25:21(ii) Ratio of saving to income=12007500=1275=425=4:25
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