Please tell the structure of plastids

Dear Harshit,

Plastids are the cellular organelles that contain several different pigments, starch, oil, protein, etc. They contain various pigments which impart different colours to leaves, fruits and other parts of the plants. Plastids on the basis of pigments can be classified into chloroplasts, chromoplasts and leucoplasts.

Here, the structure of chloroplast is shown only.

Plastid which is green in colour is Chloroplast. It is involved in photosynthesis. 

  • Location: Mesophyll cells in leaves

  • Can be variable in shape (oval/spherical/discoid/ribbon-like), in length and in number
    Have double membrane: Outer membrane and Inner membrane (less permeable)


You will learn mire details about the types, functions and structure in your higher classes. 


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