Please tell the suitable collective nouns from the options.

options--- bevy, tuft, chain, constellation, pack, choir, band, flotilla.

i) a------- of wolves.

ii) a------ of stars.

iii) a----- of angels.

iv) a----- of musicians.

v) a------ of islands.

vi) a------- of beauties.

vii) a------- of ships.

viii) a------ of grass.

i) a pack of wolves.

ii) a constellation of stars.

iii) a choir of angels.

iv) a band of musicians.

v) a chain of islands.

vi) a bevy of beauties.

vii) a flotilla of ships.

viii) a tuft of grass.

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  1. pack
  2. constellations
  3. choir
  4. band
  5. chain
  6. bevy
  7. flotilla
  8. tuft

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