Please tell what's the correct hybridisation, magnetic behaviour, and formula of geometrical or optical isomer for the complexes written in the page. Specially tell about the complexes for which i have mention question mark. I had already the mention things for the complexes in case if it is wrong( if any found for any complex) then correct me. Note ;- I don’t want link for similar query. I have marked x for those complexex whose particular isomeric form doesn’t exist and right for those whose exist.

Dear student

9. The complex [Co(en)3] has the hybridisation d2sp3. and  geometry is octahedral .
It shows optical isomerism. It is a diamagnetic complex, as all electrons are paired.

10. [Fe(NH3)4Cl2 ]  is an octahedral complex. and has the hybridisation d2sp3.
It is diamagnetic in nature and shows geometrical isomerism.

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