Please tell which portion should be attempted first in english board exam and format of business letter inquiry/ complaint

Dear student,

You should first attempt the section for which you are most confident. the most important point to be kept in mind while attempting the paper is that you answer all the questions from a particular section in proper order and at once. Do not switch between sections while attempting the paper.
You can refer to our Ask & Answer question bank to obtain the format of all kinds of business letters.


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According to me Literature should be attempted first as we have to paste what is in our heads right.Then go to writing part i.e Start paper from back n it will be good. Make a good time management.
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According to me writing skills and reading skills should be done first because most % of marks is there..afterthat literature part.But you should not take too much time on any parts..make sure 2 hrs is enough for reading and writing skills..1hr for literature..It is my opinion so do what u can do..:)
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