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(i) The shame that stained Shylock were the insults hurled at him by Antonio, who always spoke abusively of him. Antonio despised Shylock because he charged interest and was known to be a merciless moneylender. Antonio often insulted him. He called him a dog and criticised Jews in general. He even spitted on him and kicked him.


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The shames encountered by Shylock are the ways in which Antonio treats him it is mentioned in the scene that Shylock expresses how Antonio insults him in front of his Jewish community by calling him a dog , a evil Jew since he lends money at very high rates of interest ....he mentions how Antonio calls him a devil, spits on his holy Jew attire and treats him like a street dog...
The present want is the money which Bassanio requires for going to Belmont and wooing Portia since Antonio presently doesn't have the money he asks Bassanio to borrow from Shylock so the want is of three thousand for three months
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