please write a paragraph on good manners

Few points which could be taken into consideration while answering this query are:

  • Manners refers ways of behaving with reference to polite standards; social comportment. It is a person's way of behaving towards others. It is the manners which separate the man from the animals. A person without manners can never conform to social standards. Thus, good manners imply polite social behaviour.

  • Charity begins at home. The first lesson which a child gains is at home. Children should be trained from grass root level. Some parents feel that they can prove their love to their children by meeting all their demands. However, this harms the behavior of a child to a great extent. This leads to impoliteness in the speech and attitude of the child for which parents repent at a stage which is irrevocable.

  • Thus, it is necessary that parents guide their children at the right time. Good manners need to be cultivated. Children with good manners are liked by all. Ill-mannered children bring disgrace to the family.

  • Courtesy and politeness are the key to good manners. Words and phrases like 'I am sorry', 'Please', 'Kindly', 'Thank You', 'Sir', 'Madam', 'I beg' your pardon' etc. should be used often. They create a healthy impact and a sense of respect on the minds of others.

  • Few instances where one should maintain a certain conduct is being considerate to elders, ladies, the sick and the handicapped. One should always offer them a seat while traveling in a bus or a train. An old lady or a blind man should always be helped to cross the road safely. While riding vehicle, one should not blow the horn unnecessarily. One should not ridicule the blind and the lame or other handicapped people.

  • The rude inconsiderate behavior is also very common, when people use public gym, library, cyber cafe, food outlets etc. People do not even bother about the inconvenience caused by themselves.

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