please write fast advantage and disadvantage of manure and fertillizers?

Advantages of manure -

1. Manure contains large amounts of organic matter.

2. It also supplies small quantities of nutrients to the soil.

3. It helps in increasing soil fertility.

4. It helps in enriching the soil with nutrients.

5. It helps in improving the soil structure.

Advantages of fertilisers

1. It supplies nitrogen, phosphorous and pottasium.

2. It ensures good vegetative growth, giving rise to healthy plants.

3. It gives higher yield in high-cost farming.

4.  It has many short-term benefits.

5. They ensure that the food is toxic-free.

Disadvantages of manure

1. It is relatively low in nutrients than fertilisers.

2. It may be too high in weed seeds.

3. It may be too high in nitrogen.

4. It may endanger health through the spread of E. Coli.

5. There may be zinc deficiency in manure.

Disadvantages of fertilisers

1. They have to be applied carefully in terms of proper dose, time and observing pre- and post-application precautions for their complete utilisation.

2. Continuous use of fertilisers in an area can destroy soil fertility.

3. Higher cost

4. Composition is more complex and variable than manure

5. More labor is needed.

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