Please write the prepositions

Please write the prepositions 4. 5. 6. 8. 10. rcjse 4. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions: 1. send these candidates interview one . one. 2. The child put a ladder . the wall and climbed the roof. 3. I expect the flight to be . time and it will not take her more . ..... . a few minutes only two hundred rupees ......... a sale held ......... a to come out. the impression that I had returned the books I had borrowed ......... I was you. These regulations are not you. You are eighteen and can do whatever you like. prof. Gupta iS an authority . income-tax law but he cannot exercise any authority his family. first, her parents did not allow her to learn western music but .... ..... the end they agreed. . his father, shouting The child ran . joy. 60 km an hour, it will take us .... ..... least five hours to reach Jaipur. ..... .... the afternoon? The swimming pool is a bit would you like to go . . a swim our house but we will be going there ..... .... car far Exercise 5. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions: I. I bought this lovely dress ..... .... . our house. shop . . the speaker. It hit him 2. Someone threw a stone .. the head. Drops of blood trickled . . his cheek.

Dear student,
Exercise 4:
1. for; by
2. against; onto
3. on; than
4. in; from
5. for; now
6. of; on
7. At; in
8. to; with
9. At; at
10. for; in; from; by
Exercise 5:
1. for; at; in; near
2. at; on; down



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