Pleaseanswer the questionas fast as possible pleasee

Pleaseanswer the questionas fast as possible pleasee Find out required to convert At A into 4S•C is Of needed r • (b) How many litre of wateris tobcpouredfrom the vessel B vessel A 'o attain thx temperature in A Score : 4 Learni Outcome: Time: 8 Able to analyse graphs and explain specific heal capacity and change of state (6) A time • temperature graph draun On the basis of data obtained on heating two substances of mass 2 kg each at atmospheric temperature is depicted. O 20 23 3' (a) What is the temeprattue solids the time ofstaning the heating? HOW much is it in K elvin scale? (b) Ofthe substnacesshown in the graph. which is the One with a higher heat capacity? Why? (c) What isthe me Ifingpointofeach?lnwhatstateofmatterwillbethesutEtarre atthe points C and X in the grpah? Score: S Learni Outcome: Tøwe: 8 minute Able to analyse graphs explaim heat capacity and change of state.

Dear Student,
(a) The temperature of the solids at the time of heating is 30°C. In Kelvin scale it is equal to (273+30)= 303K
(b) The substance 2 has a greater heat capacity than substance 1. This is because, greater the value of the change in temperature, more will be specific heat capacity. 
(c) Melting point of substance 1= 60°C
Melting point of substance 2= 70°C
At point C, the substance changes it's state from Liquid to gas.
At point X, the substance changes it's state from solid to liquid.

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