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Solution to the 1&2 short answers are given below:

  1. Ausable  was a smart spy. He knew already what would be his next move. He portrayed a convincing story about the presence of a balcony by showing the extreme irritation that he had witnessed a trespasser twice in a month as somebody had entered his room through the balcony. His natural reaction made it look very real and convincing. He further told Max explanatorily that his room was earlier a part of a larger unit and the adjoining room was the one which had the balcony. He said that it extended under his window. His manner of description and speaking convinced Max that there was indeed a balcony under his window.
2. Max twisted his body while pointing his gun at Ausable and his guest. He grabbed the frame with his free hand to support himself. Then he swung up the other leg up and over the window sill. He pushed his left hand to free himself from the sill and drop to the balcony.

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