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Pleasesolve it urgently 17. The table below shows the number of students in Judo Karate camp. To complete the course each student must acquire a minimum level of competency: Category Freshers Yellow belt Boys Girls 12. 6 4 A student is selected at random. Find the probability of choosing c, A girl yellow belt holder A boy fresher A fresher

Total students=Number of boys who are freshers+Number of girls who are freshers+Number of boys who are yellow belt+Number of girls who are yellow belts=12+8+6+4=30a.Pa girl is yellow belt holder=Favourable outcomesTotal outcomes=430=215b.Pa boy is fresher=Favourable outcomesTotal outcomes=1230=25c.Pa fresher=Favourable outcomesTotal outcomes=12+830=23

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Probability= no. of respective students/total

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