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Plese reply fast Let's practise Words words in box and nn in the l'oudini Was greatest _ artist rime. NO locks. no him. He escaped from handcuffs and so he invited from Yard, the headquarters police department in London Within minutes, Vloudini Wad himself. Once, some famous locksmiths fastcncd Harry with the strongest locks, but Houdini unlocked himself in minutes. The audiences were (4) (boa ed). Many believed he possessed mysterious powers. It was (concealed) after his death that his notebooks (5) the secrets behind his acts. Since his early youth, he practised body 0' i gid). control such that his body became very (6) His fingers had the strength of pliers; and his teeth were so (feeble) that they could be used like a can opener. His strength was so great that he could bend iron bars. Houdini did the impossible. He was sealed in a coffin and (raised) into a swimming pool. With a number of doctors and newsmen present, Houdini remained in the coffin under water for a full hour and a half!

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(1) escape (2) famous (3)freed (4)fascinated (5) revealed (6) flexible (7) strong (8) lowered
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