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plllzz ans.40 no link pllzz I'll v" r mat dlV1des the line joining write and B(17, 10) in the ratio 1 : 2. (il) Calculate the distance OP, where O is the origin. (iitMn what ratio does the y-axis divide the line AB? Find the image of the point (1, 2) in the line x — 2y — 7 = O _41' If the line x — 4y — 6 = 0 is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment PQ and the coordinates of P are (1, 3), find the coordinates of Q. OABC is a square, O is the origin and the points A and B are (3, 0) and (p, q). If OABC 42. lies in the first quadrant, find the values of p and q. Also write down the equations of AB and BC. UNDERSTANDING ICSE MATHEMATICS - X

Given line is x - 2y - 7 = 0 .... (1)

Therefore, the slope of line (1) =

From P, draw PM perpendicular to the line (1) and produce it to a point P' suct that P'M = MP, then P' is the image of P in the line (1) and the line (1) is the right bisector of the segment PP'.

Let P' be (a,b).

Then slope of PP' = .

As (1) is perpendicular to PP', we get

Also, the mid-point of PP' is M.

Since (1) is the right bisector of segment PP', M lies on (1)

On solving (2) and (3), we get

a = 5 and b = -6

Hence, the image of P in the given line is P'(5,-6).

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