Pls ans dear experts urgently:For a school concert,210 tickets are sold.Of the tickets,some were adults and other for students.The total money collected is 4300.If adult ticket costs Rs 25 each and student ticket costs Rs 15 each,find no.of tickets sold of each kind?

Dear student
Let the number of  tickets sold to adults =  xand tickets sold to student=yA.T.Q25x+15y=4300 ...1x+y=210  ...2Multiply 2 equation by 25 we get25x+25y=5250 ...3Subtracting 1 from 3 we get25x+25y-25x-15y=5250 -430010y=950y=95Put y=95 in  2, we getx=210-95=115x=115

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