Pls ans my question immediately the melon refers to really a melon fruit in the tale of melon city then how did this rule the country pls explain me.

Dear student,

Yes, the melon being referred to in the poem is a fruit and not a human being. A strange series of events led to the execution of the existing king. after that the ministers sent out the herald to proclaim that the next to pass the City Gate would choose a king. An idiot happened to pass the City Gate. The guards asked him who was to be the King. The idiot answered that a melon should be chosen to be the next king. Actually that was his pet answer to all questions as he liked melons. The ministers crowned a melon and placed their Melon King reverently at the throne. The poet narrates that the citizens were least bothered about their symbolic head. They enjoyed the principles of Laissez faire. They were very respectful to their new monarch as the new monarch did not interfere in their lives. The melon was placed on the throne just for the sake of having something or somebody to be crowned. The fruit could not pass judgements or rule the country and the citizens were happy about this fact.


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The last line would Explain the query given by . Last line of the Story
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