pls ans this qs
pls ans this qs   Question No. 142 Identify the molecular structure shown below as well as related type of drug and select the right option for the two together H o o o o o Molecular structure-Morphine. Drug-Charas Molecular structure-Cannabinoid, Drug-Crank Molecular structure-Morphine, Drug-Smack Molecular structure-Cocaine, Drug-ganja Marks: -0.33

Dear Student,

It is the structure of Cocaine, with formula C17H21NO4. It can be related to Ganja, as both are obtained from plants although not completely correct option.

Morphine C17H19NO3 - Therefore, as there are 4 Oxygen in the structure, also Heroin is smack and charas is cannabinoid, it is not correct.
Cannabinoid - Does not contain N in their structure, it is not crank. So, incorrect.

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